Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday, June 24, 2023 Video: A Discussion with Kathryn Cramer–an AI researcher, writer, editor, designer, and futurist

Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday, June 24, 2023: A Discussion with Kathryn Cramer

Level Intermediate
Published Date 6/24/23
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In this Tinderbox meetup, we have a glorious ride, al be it brief, with Kathryn Cramer on the evolution of AI, GPTs, her research on “military privatization,” GPT models and how to create “scalable and reliable foresight models”, “understanding personality in the age of digital reproduction”, and the impact of all these topics on thought, society, and more. And, of course, the role that Tinderbox may play as a UI to AI/GPT.

A Discussion Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn shares with us. Starting with the end, Kathryn in looking to see how all this will influence our efforts on learning and making knowledge, i.e., “What comes after the book?” Perhaps “a memory palace solar that can’t see the edges.” We discussed:

  • GPT, “generative pre-trained transformer”
  • The root of GPT and the nature of a token, i.e., a single letter, a word, a concept, or a person’s name and how these “token” are influencing what is thought to be “known” today.
  • Each word is a probability
  • Temperature is the relative probability of the next word, 0 temperature is deterministic, while as some temperature allows for probability
  • Personality is really represented in bias
  • The probabilities are making weights between nodes, probabilistic trees
  • Tokens can end up having multiple meanings
  • Holon, the most basic unit is a token “I” and “T” are token and “It” code be a token.
  • In Tinderbox, a “node” is a note; in AI it is a “token.”


  • Kathryn “We are undergoing a transition where our “private” personalities can be commodified without our knowledge, understanding, permission, or compensation. We all could become Henrietta Lax.”
  • Kathryn “The ghost of Donald Trump is influencing open AI given the number of nodes are related to him and the tokenizing of tokens. “
  • Kathryn “We are not all equal in the eyes of AI; we need to understand personality.”
  • Kathryn “Commercial fiction will go the way of poetry in 10 years, as AI will crack the commercial code for the ‘midlist,’ what will actually sell.”
  • Kathryn “GPT4 can help you think better (like a calculator or slide rule).”
  • Kathryn “We are becoming intelligent in different ways.”
  • Kathryn “Internet roadkill: you have to check if citations exist.”
  • Kathryn “What is GPT good for? It is a process tool, not an end-product tool. It is a labor-saving device. It is good to tell you what conventional wisdom is? You can see what is obvious.”
  • Mark Bernstein “GPTs are great at getting things done but we don’t really understand what they’re doing.
  • Art Currim “With great power comes great stupidity.”
  • Detlef Beyer “Tinderbox is a great interface to AI… good way to find your way how to use AI”

Concepts to follow up on

  • Narrative Coherence
  • Category Theory
  • GPT authors creating are manipulating the system, how does the “average” person survive
  • Is everything going to be suffused with AI, how can we retain human purity?
  • In GPT4 use “tabulate” to tabulate column of keywords/answers


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I missed it but here’s the chat log (courtesy of @archurhh).

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Thanks. The chat is already posted on the video. For future reference, I get the chat when I record and I post them along with the videos.


Ah, so noted!

I missed it too! Argh!

A great session and a really very competent speaker. It really deepened my understanding of the limitations of AI solutions and I like Mark’s postings in the chat - there were great links there.
I would like to hear more about training own AI models using the data in my TBX files.

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Luckily, is is recorded and Kathryn is very accessible. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think this is where Apple is going. The entire macOs/iOS/iPadOS/visionOS + iCloud is a substantial safe, secure, and open personal information management system (PIMS). We are slowing layering in the new tools to have control of our own data, our own identity. Per my last question(s) during the session on sovereignty and agency we need to do so much more to empower the individual.

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I watched the video yesterday!

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Watched the video. It was a fascinating discussion. Later last night, I watched Joan is Awful on Netflix’ Black Mirror. If you have Netflix and attended the Zoom or watched to video, I recommend watching Joan is Awful. Very interesting/funny and quite relevant.

Read the terms and conditions! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: