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Tinderbox Meetup SATURDAY May 21

Our fun, informal meetups continue this Saturday, May 21.

Tinderbox designer Mark Bernstein will discuss the roots of some of the ideas that underlie Tinderbox and hypertext itself, in a discussion based on his recent paper for the ACM Web Conference.

Plus, we’ll continue a topic from last week on how to approach problems with you find yourself simply stuck!

And, as always, we’ll look at your latest projects.

9 AM Pacific Time

Noon Eastern time

1400 São Paulo

1600 UTC

1700 UTC/London

1800 Paris

2230 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup

Today’s chat log:
meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (2.0 KB)

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So, what is the new schedule for meetings? I had it down as every there on Sunday in my calendar? Need to update my calendar. Is next week Sunday or Saturday? Anthony, Bruce, and I thought it was today (Sunday). We are on now, in fact.

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I think since (??) it’s moved to alternating Sat/Sun as meeting on the the Sabbath doesn’t suit all users. So next is a Sunday. MB normally posts a calling thread a few days in advance. HTH.

Gotcha, I had missed the udpate. No harms no foul. :slight_smile: We had a great chat!

Video: Tinderbox Meetup 21 May 2022 on Vimeo