Tinderbox Meetup Sunday 17 Dec 23 Video: Using Tinderbox with Stata; and, books on notes

Tinderbox Meetup Sunday 17 Dec 23 Video: Tinderbox and Doctorate Studies, Books on Notes

Level Beginner
Published Date 1/6/24
Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Business, ChatGPT, DBA, Digital Wallet, Doctorate, Excel, Identity Praxis, Michael Becker, Personal Information Management Systems, PhD, Qualitative Data Analysis, Quantitative Data Analysis, RegEx, Regression, Stata, Structural Equation Modeling, Text Transformation, Tinderbox
Video Length 01:24:59
Video URL https://youtu.be/Enz8TUWM7Yk
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TBX Version 9.6
Hosts Michael Becker, Mark Berstein

In this Tinderbox meetup, we covered two topics: 1) perforating research (doctoral qualitative research) with Tinderbox and Stata, and 2) a review of books on taking notes.

Perforating research (doctoral qualitative research) with Tinderbox and Stata

Michael Becker (@satikusala) reviewed his use of Tinderbox with Stata, a statistical modeling package. He demonstrated managing multiple statistical modeling treatments in Tinderbox, storing of Stata commands in Tinderbox, pulling in and transforming (with RegEx and stamps) Stata output to Tinderbox, the use of ChatGPT 4 to support the effort, pulling in Tinderbox reformatted text-to-tables to produce consolidated regression models in Excel, structural equation modeling (SEM) in Stata, documenting and writing up the statistics, producing and pulling in images files into Tinderbox, and qualitative data analysis within Tinderbox,

Books on Notes

Mark Berstein (@eastgate) and the community discussed various books on notes.



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