Tinderbox Meetup SUNDAY April 28

Bring your projects and puzzlements! Everyone is welcome. Long-time Tinderbox users, new Tinderbox users, and non-Tinderbox users are very welcome to join in on the discussion.

Tinderbox Trainers Wanted

We are inviting Tinderbox community members to deliver a “Tinderbox in 10-minute Training” session. We want to kick off each weekly Tinderbox meetup with a 10-minute training that explores a Tinderbox feature and explains how to use it in a specific context. Again, the training should explain what the feature does and provide a contextual example of how the training is using it (sample files are most welcome). If you’d like to provide one of these training, please DM @satikusala or @eastgate on the Tinderbox Forum, and we’ll schedule your session on the Tinderbox Meetup Calendar .

9 AM Pacific Time

Noon Eastern time

1300 São Paulo

1600 UTC

1700 London

1800 Paris

2130 Delhi


Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 617 924 9044

Passcode: tinderbox

For more details and to join the conversation with the Tinderbox community, visit the Tinderbox Forum. Tinderbox Meetup Calendar .

I have had a great productivity experience with Tinderbox … using it to organize and prepare meeting notes.
I use voice memo or Zoom to capture a voice file, then MacWhisper to generate a digital transcript.
Pasting that digital transcript into Tinderbox gives me a tool to organize the transcript notes, assign attributes for speaker, key terms, etc.
I learned how to use Tinderbox export actions and templates along with a CSS note to generate a Preview that can be sent by email to recipients.
Huge time saver!


Could you give a demonstration? This sounds hugely interesting!


Was this session recorded?


It‘s online now, Tom.

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