Tinderbox Meetup SUNDAY August 13

Time: SUNDAY, August 13, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Delhi

Zoom link for the meetup: Launch Meeting - Zoom


meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (4.0 KB)

Hi folks, is there a recording from this session? I checked Michael’s youtube channel and also Vimeo but did not see anything yet. I know that Michael had to leave the meetup early but would guess the recording was running? or?

Thanks for helping out!

Yes, there will be. But it takes some of Michael’s (free) time to sort it all out. Just keep an eye out for an announcement.

Thanks Mark, no worries, I’ll be very busy practising patience :wink:

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Here is a video from the Aug. 13 meetup: YouTube

You can find the meeting notes here: Tinderbox Meetup Video- Sunday, Aug 13, 2023: Building a project file from scratch to respond to grants