Tinderbox Meetup: Sunday July 2 2023: DEVONthink

DEVONthink and Tinderbox with Eric Boehnisch-Volkmann

DEVONthink is one of the most interesting partners to Tinderbox projects. DEVONthink keeps all your documents in easy-to-backup databases and presents them to you in a variety of ways. Many documents can be viewed and edited without opening them in another application. Read web pages as if they were local documents.

Time: Sunday, July 2, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Delhi

Zoom link for the meetup: Launch Meeting - Zoom


PLUS: bring your new projects, obstacles and puzzlements and let the terrific Tinderbox community lend a hand.


Chat log:
meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (9.0 KB)