Tinderbox Meetup - Sunday June, 4, 2023

Looking forward to the meetup.

Posters: a Tinderbox 9.6 Preview

Posters are a new Tinderbox feature that let you integrate all sorts of open-source visualization tools in your Tinderbox maps. Mark Bernstein will give an overview of this new technology, and discuss both how it fits into hypertext research and how you’ll be able to use it to see your Tinderbox work in new ways.

PLUS: bring your new projects, obstacles and puzzlements and let the terrific Tinderbox community lend a hand.

Time: SUNDAY, June 4, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup: Launch Meeting - Zoom

NOTE: Becker will be at a conference. Someone else will need to moderate.

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Today’s chat log: meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (3.3 KB)

Will there be a recording? I hope so - the topic sounded most interesting, but couldn’t make it due to family obligations…

Yes; it should be posted later today, I think.

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Thanks! Looking forward to learning about the new Poster feature.

@eastgate @satikusala

May I kindly ask when the replay of last Sunday‘s meetup will be available and where then to find it?

Soon, it needs to be slightly edited.

Who spilled which beans? :wink:

I left the recording on for 30 mins, need to cut off the tail end of nothing happening by your watching my name.

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Here is the video: Tinderbox Meetup - Sunday, June 4, 2023: Introduction of Posters, Demo with ChatGPT Curl Integration.