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Tinderbox Meetup:Tinderbox & History. SATURDAY June 11

Time: SATURDAY June 11, 2022 Noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Let’s talk about hypertext and history — specifically, about organizing notes for a new project, or reorganizing notes from an old one!

PLUS: bring your new projects, inspirations, and recent obstacles. Novices are especially welcome!

9 AM Pacific Time

Noon Eastern time

1400 São Paulo

1600 UTC

1700 UTC/London

1800 Paris

2230 Dehli

Zoom link for meeting

Upcoming meetings:

  • SATURDAY, June 18
  • SUNDAY, June 26

(We rescheduled next week to avoid Fathers’ Day)

Meeting chat log: meeting_saved_chat.txt.zip (3.6 KB)

Video: Meetup: Tinderbox and History (11 June 2022) on Vimeo

The item near closing re Photos.app, Tinderbox and image metadata is since explored in this thread.

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In the recording for the most recent Zoom meeting (June 11), I draw your (the person with zoom recording control) to 57:50 to 102:03 time markers. During this period Tinderbox’s developer is demonstrating a novel use case in the map view. a most interesting idea to me. However, you’ll also notice that the images of the zoom participants cover nearly one-third of the screen, an interruption of the presentation that became particularly troublesome when viewers are unable to see the code Mr. Bernstein used, visible only on the right-hand tinderbox pane. Please respectfully consider my two-fold suggestion for a fix to these highly useful recordings (for after-the-fact viewers like myself who tends to skip the conversations and scroll straight to any screen shared demonstrations):

  1. Minimize the Zoom images whenever you are recording a shared screen in zoom. You could also set zoom to show only the speaker and move that image to the top corner of the screen.
  2. Even better, for someone like me who likes and needs to study these demonstrations at length, is to include a file (which is sometimes but not always done in these calls) so that I can download and study them on my own. I actually have a Helpful TbX Tutorial file in my iCloud folder.

I’ll close by saying that in my work with Tinderbox, the best learning tools for me (in addition to the helpful getting started files from within the app and of course, Tinderbox Way) have always been the small single topic use cases that Mr. Bernstein (and others) will upload to the forum. As an example off the top of my head, Mr. Bernstein’s Daily Journal example file a few months back opened my mind to possibilities I hadn’t considered before. I also studied the Hints Style example when it first rolled out (though highlighting still eludes me, I’ll get there :thinking: )

I’m a novice (despite five or so years with TbX) who appreciates learning in small bits and pieces.

Thank you for considering my suggestions for improving the roll-out of your meet-up recordings

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Thanks! Sorry about that: I thought that I was recording only the Tinderbox window.

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@MarkB I was reviewing the meetup and was fascinated by the quick and dirty maps MarkB was able to make quickly to visualize the “table talk” chats in history, however the code used was masked by the position of the images of people attending.

Any chance MarkB can post a sample of his demonstration? This would be super useful.

Shout out to Bruce for moderating and the multiple tips by MarkA!

Thanks in advance,

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Here is the pertinent part of the document.

History demo.tbx (218.5 KB)

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