Tinderbox Meetup: Using Tinderbox with Stata; and, books on notes — SUNDAY, 17 December

Time: SUNDAY, December 17, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This meetup, we’ll talk about books about notes.

  • New books!
  • Old books!
  • Academic? Self-help? Comedy? Yep!

Bring a couple of your favorites, or new books you’re planning to read.

Bring your projects and puzzlements! New Tinderbox users very welcome!

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Delhi

Zoom link for the meetup: Launch Meeting - Zoom


A Tinderbox document of a few books about notes:

Tinderbox - Books.tbx (3.7 MB)


Couldn’t make it to today’s Meetup (looking forward to the recording), but excited to see “Thinking in Tinderbox” on this list! But am I right in assuming it’s not going to be among the Christmas pleasures I can look forward to?

It might. Soon!

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Drop me a note and take my money :wink:
Looking forward to it!

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When the video of the meetup will be uploaded?

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I don’t think it is up yet. Meets anchored/recorded by @eastgate are at https://vimeo.com/eastgatesystems.

Note: Vimeo have , for visitors convenience, have removed a search option from their home page. For that you have to go to the easily guessable https://vimeo.com/watch :unamused:. Plus, who knew, Eastgate is the name of a shopping mall. So, to save hunting around content you didn’t want bookmark the above URL.


There is no announcement, so I would ask.
Any TB meetup on this weekend?

IIRC, the next planned is 7 Jan, giving a brteak over the festive period. And, yes, the Sat/Sun alternating order remains but re-starts from a Sunday for anyone with a repeating calendar entry set up.


Still no video. Was the 12/17 meeting recorded? Would enjoy seeing it.

Who do we need to lobby to put it up? @eastgate, I assume…

This one was @satikusala ’s recording.

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And to give the guy a break, he’s busy with a PhD submission deadline—nd plenty here will know how that adds to the baseline workload. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information, Mark A. - that’s certainly more important than indulging the desires of some of us here to watch meetup videos over Christmas.

Fingers crossed that all goes well, @satikusala! (I am confident it will!)


To anyone watching Tinderbox videos: I’d be really interested in knowing parts you find especially good. Both which video and the approximate time.



Your meetup on October 2020 on parsing text was a classic! Video marker: 11:12


Why I asked: two local videographers took some comments from early in the year and made a very tight and energetic condensation that now appears at Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes.

It’s costly to do, but knowing where to look is very helpful!

Mark, this book was called to my attention by one of my blogging friends of long acquaintance, Media and the Mind, by Matthew Daniel Eddy (presumably no relation to David). Media and the Mind: Art, Science, and Notebooks as Paper Machines, 1700-1830, Eddy

I was generously gifted a copy. There are links for an inexpensive 45-day expiring pdf (click on “More formats”), if anyone is interested but a bit put off by the price. I haven’t read it yet, obviously, but I wanted to mention it here while the topic is still fresh.


@satikusala Michael, is there a chance the record will be uploaded?

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