Tinderbox Meetup Video SATURDAY August 19: Readwise, Marked Stream, Highlighting Extension, and Annotating PDF

Tinderbox Meetup Video Sat Aug 19: Readwise, Marked Stream, Highlighting Extension, and Annotating PDF

Level Intermediate
Published Date 8/22/23
Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Marked 2 Streaming, PDF Annotation, Readwise, Roam Highlighter, Services
Video Length 01:42:00
Video URL https://youtu.be/dq535JnW6yU
Example File Clip Selection-URL to Tinderbox v9 R2.workflow.zip (15.5 MB)
TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker
Chat chat.txt (7.7 KB)

In this Tinderbox meetup, we reviewed a ton.

TBX 9.61 Release Readwise Integration

@eastgate reviewed the new Readwise integration

Roam Highlighter (also good for Obsisian and Tinderbox)

@satikusala discovered a browser extension Roam-highlighet that works with Obsidian and have made it work with Tinderbox. You can use this to highlight text in browsers, apps on your computer, and Kindle.

Download the Roam Highlighter extension for Chrome.

Once you highlight the text, you can use the following to import the copied text into a TBX.

@satikusala, working with @mwra, refined a macOS Service to copy the text from the clipboard to an Inbox in the active TBX file.

Hint: go to Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts>Services>Text> to set up a hotkey for the service.

Marketed Streaming and apps

We engaged a detailed review of streaming content from TBX to Marked 2.

Annotating Text from PDFs

The session included a rough review on how to parse annotations/highlights and notes from a PDF. The solutions worked on in the call are not definitive (meaning they don’t fully work yet). The discussion with the group was very effective.

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Yup, typos. Also, the Marked 2 version of the App appears to still call itself Marked.

Yup, we discussed this exact use case in this session. :). I think you’re the one that introduced me to Highlights a long time ago.

Michael, many thanks for this interesting video! Since I also use Highlights, I am particularly interested in the example file. However, the link is not working - can you check the entry? Many thanks!

I’ve only put up the service example. I don’t have an example yet, at least one that is reliably working, for parsing the code. I’ll try to get that up by the weekend.

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