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Tinderbox Monthly/Quarterly Challenge

[admin post] Closing this poll as OP can’t and locking off thead. This unintentionally duped a discussion underway here: Is there a need for a paid course or a guide on "How to use Tinderbox?" - #15 by Markoconnor. I’ll leave the thread though as it might have ideas useful to the wider discussion.

@Markoconnor has a wonderful idea about the community picking a monthly challenge to help us all focus on solving defined problems in a tinderbox. There is no time like the present to start. My recommendation is this. Let’s use June to zero in on 3~5 problems/projects that the community would like to tackle, we can then pick one and kickoff the effort on July 1.

I think we need to

  1. Brainstorm a list of problems to solve Now~June 15.
  2. Pick the top 5 and schedule each for July, Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. (let’s skip December)
  3. Launch the challenge the first of each month. A part of the meetup each week will be dedicated to discussing the challenge and/or topics where people are struggling.

To kick things off, here is a list of challenges I do on a regular basis with Tinderbox. Please select your top 1~5 times you’d like to see the community work during the second half of the year. Add in the comments other options you’d like to see on the list and the Mark’s or I can update the post.

Polls are limited to 20 items, so for now I’ve created two polls. If someone wants to take a step at organizing these options into categorical concepts and process flows that would be great.


  • Article review
  • Literature review
  • Writing my dissertation framework
  • Creating a glossary of terms
  • Creating market assessment reports
  • Mapping an industry ecosystem
  • Managing agile product roadmaps
  • Creating rich, interactive communication matrices that are production-ready for marketing
  • Developing application data flow diagrams and documentation
  • Developing client-server system architecture flows and documentation
  • Project management Template
  • Writing a script
  • Managing a podcast
  • Organizing an event
  • Triaging speakers for an event
  • Managing a sales pipeline
  • Studying for a course
  • Experimentation with new methods of thinking, using the views to see the world differently
  • Other (please add a comment on the thread to add to this list, I will update the poll)

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  • Managing a course
  • Creating lessons plans
  • Grading homework assignments
  • Authoring your resume
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Writing a textbook
  • Publishing to Word
  • Publishing to Wordpress
  • Integrating with AI-driven content authoring services
  • Dynamically integrating with citation management tools
  • Managing creative assets (images, quotes, terms, entities, etc.)
  • Exchanging data with DevonThink
  • Comparing and contrasting Tinderbox, Roam, The Brain, etc.
  • Other (please add a comment on the thread to add to this list, I will update the poll)

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@Markoconnor already posted a challenge, so let’s honor his work and move that post into this thread.

and data provided by @Markoconnor here

Whoops, sorry. Missed that. You’re right. Let’s start with that: Is there a need for a paid course or a guide on "How to use Tinderbox?" - #15 by Markoconnor

Tried to delete my post, but could not.

I just closed the poll in my mod/admin ‘hat’. I’ll add a note now at the top pointing to the other thread. I’ll leave the post as it might add some itdeas, plus i think we’re all no the same side in this. :slight_smile:

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