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What is the best practice for splitting a Tinderbox file into smaller Tinderboxlings?

I have made the mistake of trying to put too much into a single file, and it is kind of unwieldy now - I’d like to move a chunk out into a new file. Any advice?

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Moving notes from one document to another can be fraught due to the connections between notes, prototypes, templates, user attributes, stamps, rules, agents, etc. etc.

It’s much simpler, I find, to duplicate the document as many times as you wish, and delete a chunk of notes from each of the dupes until you have the right collections of notes in each document.

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Totally concur with @PaulWalters. I dupe and delete content if splitting a document of any size/maturity. Tip, good idea to totally rename the copies before starting the delete as I can admit to messing up once by failing to do that and forgetting which was the old doc and which the new; I had back-ups but initial renaming would have saved a short period of discomfort!