Tinderbox Review - Becker's December 2022 TBX Patreon Session

Tinderbox Review - Becker’s December 2022 TBX Patreon Session

Level Advanced
Published Date 12/31/22
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Tags 5CKMEl, 5Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Action Code, CSS, Functions, Nested List, Templates
Video Length 04:48:57
Video URL Tinderbox Review - Becker's December 2022 TBX Patreon Session - YouTube
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TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker

In this session, we review a ton. This was an exercise in learning how to produce action code and use templates. We achieved this by working backward from an end result, e.g, the desire to produce a bullet list or table in Tinderbox (we focussed on the bulleted list), and then worked on figuring out how to make this end result happen in Tinderbox.

We started by first thinking about what we wanted to produce, in layman’s language. We did this by mocking up a list and table in MS Word and then looked at the HTML standards, at www.w3schools.com, for producing a bulleted list. We considered the logic and abstract thinking of what attributes and variables would be needed, i.e., what content, would be needed to produce the desired result. Finally, we turned to Tinderbox and methodically walked through the steps to use action, including functions, and templates to dynamically generate lists in Tinderbox form notes.

Critically, the thinking in this process is the desire to ensure that one can have optimal repurposing of their thoughts and notes. To achieve this, you want to keep the content, structure, and appearance of your notes, as much as it is possible, separate. We discuss this thinking in detail. Tinderbox is an ideal tool for making this happen.

Finally, I give a demo on how to create a slide view of your notes and present from tinderbox. The slides can include text, lists, images, video, audio, comments, and more.

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About Instructor

I am passionate about helping people achieve results by unleashing their creative and intellectual potential. My method: The 5Cs of Knowledge Management, a personal knowledge management system that I’ve developed, and am developing; the system incorporates a layered approach to unleashing one’s knowledge. The system meets you where you are so that you can adapt it to where you want to go.

I welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate:

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My goal in life is to inform, inspire, educate, and help people execute to achieve their aspirations and goals. I am a strategic product, market, and business development advisor, a speaker, a writer, an educator, and a student. I’m extremely passionate about identity and personal information management and developing solutions that will help people take control and ownership of their identity and personal data. I’m also enthralled with Tinderbox, an amazing tool that will empower you and help sent your insights free. Tinderbox can be your second brain. It will help you master the 4Cs of knowledge management: collection, curation, creation, and contribution.

I would be grateful for your support. These training materials take a significant amount of time and resources. I am a teacher for all, whether you have the means to provide support or not; however, if you do have the means, and are getting value from my materials, I would be grateful for your patronage.

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