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Well after using RR and Obsidian for a few months I am glad to say I am back to Tinderbox! Should have never left. Home is where the heart is!

Thanks for building such a wonderful product.


Thanks! Did you run into a particular obstacle?

No big obstacles, I just find TB more flexible and can tailor it the way I want, not to mention the great support from the community!


The same here. I keep coming back realizing that no other application allows as much flexibility as Tinderbox.

The only thing I miss is being able to work with Tinderbox even if I don’t have a Mac available. i.e. with iPhone or iPad. That was also the reason why I tried tools like RR or Notion and others.

I now use apps like drafts or a paper notebook in these situations. But it always means a media break. But rather the media discontinuity than less flexibility and therefore fewer options.

So, wonderful to have such a great application available!


Share workflow ?

Not really a workflow! Using a paper notebook or my remarkable to take notes during a meeting. Afterwards creating notes or tasks kn tinderbox. Using drafts on my iphone for spontaneous ideas and taking them over by copy and paste into tinderbox.

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Obsidian was my favorite too (i don’t like RR), but the more I used it, the more I realized I had to think along the lines of Obsidian.
Tinderbox is difficult to navigate, but as I use it, I find that it is an application that works along the lines of my brain. :grin:

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