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Tinderbox Sale Duration

Looking into purchasing Tinderbox this week and was wondering when the sale ends.

Not sure and this is a User-to-User forum, and on a Sunday. But on the Tinderbox home page, I see this:


I guess it’s still on. Whether the ‘week’ is the one ending or just starting. So, paging @eastgate.

Perfect! Thanks for the heads-up

Just made my purchase, just waiting for my license key to be emailed. Can’t wait to start exploring!


When you have questions, do stop by. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, will do!

hmm… wondering how long it takes to get you license key, I ordered last night.

It’s a small outfit (US East Coast) that doesn’t use an external storefront like esellerate, etc., doig processing. It was Sunday night last night (I know the internet never spleeps ) so my hunch you should have it today. You can always ping an email to Eastgate support just confirming the got the order.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, I am so used to getting online license key’s almost immediately. It’s not a problem, the trial version is working fine.


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Great. Though the forum mod here, I’m just a volunteer and fellow user - and also 6 hours out of sync with Boston being over in the UK! I’m busy tomorrow (so not online early day) but I hope your licence is en route.

Quite right too! My parents frowned on spleeping and I do too! :joy:

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