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Tinderbox Training Video 01 - An Introduction to Michael Becker

Tinderbox Training Video - An Introduction to Michael Becker

Level Fundamental
Published Date 1/4/21
Tags 1:22
Video Length 00:00
Video URL https://youtu.be/AQCp8tVRJSg
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Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
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In this video, I provide a brief introduction of myself, Tinderbox, my interest in Tinderbox, and the purpose of these training videos. I also ask for your input on how to make the videos better, to get an idea of the kinds of projects your working on, and to invite you to connect with me via LinkedIn.

I invite you to leverage Tinderbox and use it to collect, curate, create, and meaningful form your ideas and those around you, and to contribute them to the world through and with Tinderbox.


TBX - L IntroductionVideo

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Hello Michael! My comment on this particular video would be “please can you speak more slowly!” I’m a native English speaker, and between the speed and the North American pronunciation, I couldn’t catch some of the words at the first hearing. This is an international community, and it might be worth bearing that in mind when recording. I taught English in Italy for about ten years and I know how hard it can be to think from the non-native speaker’s perspective. Best of luck!

YES!!! :slight_smile:

I get excited and my pace goes up. I’ll will slow things down.

I just tested Youtube Auto Sub-Title feature , it was able to translate @satikusala speaking very well.

Maybe that’s something non-native speaker can also consider (i apologise if I offend someone ,I’m non-native speaker too)

(PS : I regularly listen to your videos in 1.25x speed) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure we’ll find the right balance. Please keep the feedback coming. :slight_smile:

I find your videos oddly soothing…LOL. But as a fellow Bernstein, I feel obligated to let you know that you left the first “n” out of Mark’s last name (EDIT: okay this only happened once towards the beginning) :wink: (In all honesty, these are a treasure for the community and for @eastgate as well!)

I’m not a beginner by any means, but I’m watching them all in order anyway, both to see if there’s something I’ve missed and to provide feedback. I think we (the community) could really help out new users with this collection!

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Thank you so much!!! Ya, catching typos are not my thing…we all have our things to bear, that one is mine. :wink: I’m so grateful that you pointed it. Please keep the feedback coming. I find it inspiring and motivating.

Can you let me know which video you saw this mistake, I’d like to go fix it.

Video 4 “Getting started with prototypes”. If I wasn’t routinely fixing that exact typo in my own name, I’d never have caught it. :wink:

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Awesome! Thanks!!! Please keep the feedback coming.