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Tinderbox Training Video 07 - Understanding Agents, Queries, and Actions (Part 2)

Tinderbox Training Video - Understanding Agents, Queries, and Actions (Part 2)

Level Fundamental
Published Date 1/2/21
Tags Tinderbox, aTbRef, Agent Query, Action Code, Agent Actions, Note-Taking
Video Length 04:38
Video URL https://youtu.be/XChtHZLulic
Example File TBX - L Understanding Agents & Queries (Part 2).tbx (83.4 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker

In this lesson, we build on what we learned in “Tinderbox Training Video - Understanding Agents & Queries (Part 1)”. Specifically, I explain how to use the Agent Action capability of Tinderbox to update and change the values stored in your attributes. For example, I show you how to “automagically” change the color of the notes a query finds to “bright blue.” I also explain the concept of aliases and how Tinderbox agents are generating aliases of your notes. Any changes you make to your aliases change your original notes, and likewise, any changes you make to your original notes change your aliases.

NOTE: If you want to play with the Action Code in this tutorial just download the example file linked above. It is all there.

TBX - L Agent & Queries Part 2

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