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Tinderbox Training Video 14 - Overview & Application of Stamps (Part 1)

Tinderbox Training Video - Overview & Application of Stamps (Part 1)

Level Fundamental
Published Date 1/2/21
Tags Tinderbox, aTbRef, Agent Query, Action Code, Stamps, Note-Taking
Video Length 08:09
Video URL https://youtu.be/RLi-LyQjWeo
Example File Tinderbox - L Overview & Use of Stamps (Part 1).tbx (94.3 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker

In this lesson, we explain how you can use Stamps and the use of Action Code to transform the values in your attributes, your notes, and your Tinderbox file. A key thing to remember with Stamp is that they are one-time applications of your Action Code, whereas an agent is automatically running all the time in the background. To demonstrate this I show you how to turn on and off agents using the $AgentPriority attribute.

NOTE: If you want to play with the Action Code in this tutorial just download the example file linked above. It is all there.

TBX - L Overview & Application of Stamps (Part 1)

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