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Tinderbox Training Video 43 - Making Sense of And Getting the Most From $Text & Preview Views

Tinderbox Training Video - Making Sense of And Getting the Most From $Text & Preview Views

Level Fundamental
Published Date 4/12/21
Tags 4CKMEl, 4Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, CSS, HTML, Markdown, Preview, RTF, Rich Text Format, Templates, Text, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Video Length 00:00
Video URL https://youtu.be/QlrVIIZiGvU
Example File TBX L - Previewing Your Notes in Tinderbox.tbx (108.5 KB) <brSampleFormatFiles.zip (26.2 KB) >
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
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This is a fundamental lesson for getting the most out of Tinderbox.

In this lesson, I provide an overview of the text field (aka $Text attribute) and the Preview feature of Tinderbox. I touch on the differences between RTF, text, markdown, and HTML text formatting standards. These standards ensure that your content can be reliably human-readable and renderable across platforms applications, like computer browsers, text applications, MSFT Office apps, Google Apps, Adobe Acrobat, etc. I explain, with examples, how the Preview window in Tinderbox is a lightweight browser that takes its display rendering instructions from Tinderbox templates.

TBL L - Previewing Your Notes in Tinderbox


Great video, watched it through :+1:

Question - for those of us who prefer to continue working in text/rtf mode (simply because we are making a ton of real-time edits to our content and it gets tiring to switch back and forth) - is there some kind of renderer (like pandoc, I suppose) that we could use, at least to carry us through quick’n’dirty previewing?
The idea here being that one can concentrate on content first, then do an html/md runthrough after…

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We’ll, if you are just focused on the content then don’t play with the the RTF formatting, just write in straight text and it will preview just fine once you apply the HTML template. The HTML template will render your next only notes perfectly. Or if you want minimal formatting adopt markdown notation.

You may also find this interesting: About Preview settings.

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I do not think anyone should adopt markdown “if you want minimal formatting.” You’ll get exactly the same formatting, and the same formatting options, using Markdown or using styled text.

I you prefer to write ** like this **, great. If you’d rather write like this, that’s fine.

Ya, that makes sense. I like the distinction. For simple formatting like bold, bullets, this is great as the styled text can be previewed, but other text styles, like font, alignment, etc. is not.