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Tinderbox Training Videos

Should we start a separate section for the wonderful new Tinderbox training videos?


I think that would be helpful, especially for new users looking for a startingbpoint

Absolutely. They deserve a section of their own.

Yes, I agree. Spoke to @mwa about this last night. Please advise how you all would like to proceed with this.

I’d agree, I’d already been discussing this with @satikusala in the margins.

I’ll set something up.

Done! See the Training Videos category.

I’m sure well do some more tweaking as things settle down, but at least there is a discrete ‘home’ for all these assets making it easier to find content.

It does make me wonder if it would be useful to have a ‘User Stories’ section where people for describe their work and show techniques, but discrete from threads asking for help. IOW, to help act as inspiration to others by way of new methods of use and fields of application.

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Categories get buried, and posts eventually scroll away. I suggest also adding “Videos” as a selection to the “top navigation” bar that links to the Training Videos category. Info here.

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I think that’s a great idea. It looks like the theme can be added from the forum admin panel (to which I have access) but as I don’t have server access, I’d like to get @eastgate’s OK on this.

In setting up the new sub-forum, I noticed they can be nested. So, I wonder if we might split the video threads to discrete sets, e.g. ‘starter’ ‘export’ ‘agent’ etc. Otherwise we’ll need to do some tagging to assist search. Also, I don’t think it’s possible to fix a categories listing (beyond pinning). Thus anyone answering on the thread promotes that thread to the list top. Perhaps not wanted in this case, though the behaviour is perfectly normal in forum terms.

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It appears there is a way to configure the landing page of a Discourse forum to show categories and specific tagged items within that category.

Take a look at the landing page for MarginNote.

That said, I wonder how many folks pin their bookmark to the landing page. FWIW, all my bookmarks for Discourse forums go to “Latest”.

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Absolutely! A shout-out to @satikusala who has started the ball rolling with some intro videos. As a “TB newbie”, I’ve never gone beyond pure basics. Michael’s intro’s have given me confidence to experiment safely before launching head-on. Definitely more training videos, please.

Prototypes were covered nicely. I’d like to see some in-depth coverage of Stamps and Agents. There’s a whole lot more, but those two will do for starters.

Nice work :wink:

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I’ve purchased three versions of TB over the past several years, but have hardly used it. Recently, however, I made the commitment to get some use out it (and am doing so). But I think the biggest impediment to a novice’s quick embrace or sustained use of TB is that there are a lot of basic actions a new user will likely take but may end up spending a lot of time trying to do figure out how to do. Even as I followed along with the TB Getting Started guide, I found myself constantly wanting to adjust certain fonts, change certain colors, and trying to figure how to do so (these might be seen as rudimentary tasks, but they are the tasks I seem to do most at this point). Of course, some changes were very easy but others took a lot digging. When I found the answer, it all made sense, of course; but I think finding the answer(s) can quickly and easily become time consuming. Kudos to those who keep the forum alive, those who have created and maintain videos, and keep the Reference file updated, but more spoon feeding just helps folks like me adapt more quickly. TB is not for everyone (of course, nothing is), but the addition of more “instructional videos” would be a boon. Just my .02 cents.

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Yup, more videos are coming. For my part, my goal is to delver at least one a week. Thanks for joining the conversation. If you have specific things you want to learn, lease let me/us know.

Great, thanks, Michael.