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Tinderbox v7.3 from DEVONThink Auto Import

I tool a look at the release notes for Tinderbox 7.3 and saw the automated import using the Unique IDfrom DEVONThink. Great! Problem I’m having is I can’t get it to work, it comes back with the message

trouble fetching notesin x-devonthink-item://698782CE-XXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX

With that being the URL of the group that I want to import.

Any idea where I can find more information or what I’m doing incorrectly?

When pasting the link from Devonthink, you need to remove everything before and including the //

It seems that, once you’ve had this issue in a TB document, it’ll continue to fail in that document - you need to set up a new document for it to work.

There’s further discussion and some automation options in this thread:

Thanks @ThatGuy, I’ve got it working some of the time and that’s a good starting point.

Creating a new document once it stops working is the key.

I’m pretty sure that, if just delete the incorrect container and replace it with the corrected note, Tinderbox will watch the folder when you next open the document.