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Tinderbox with iOS

Hi all,

I’m curious about what others have come up with for an iOS note capturing flow, since this is something that keeps me from using Tinderbox to its full potential (I think!)

Do you all just use iCloud notes, or some Dropbox folder, or something else?

Every time I have used Tinderbox (past experiments have been: a diary, a word-count based writing recorder, a “dashboard”) it delivers mightily, but as soon as I’m phone-bound for a while, the flow stops and then I don’t get back to it.

So, just wondering how everyone else gets past this blocker (or whether it’s even a blocker at all).



Hi Agam,

my workflow is mainly based on Devonthink-to-go and Apple Notes.

The latter is synched to Tinderbox via an watch folder.

For Devonthink I use an adapted .csv export script which allows me to drag&drop the majority of infos into Tinderbox. Escpecially the Spotlight Comments of Devonthink (the “Notes”) are taken care of.

On iOS I use Liquidtext to annotate PDFs (oder Webpages “printed” as pdf) and collect the annotations via the “send as mail” function and copy these into the corresponding Devonthink note which is then exported the way describe above when I am at the imac.

Or, also on iOS, i use a workflow for workflow.app which allows to collect multiple copy-actions into the clipboard as a large collection which I then copy into Devonthink as one.

Feel free to ask for details.

Best regards,


Tinderbox integrates well with Simplenote, which is better than the alternatives for taking notes if you merely want text.

If I need to collect text plus attribute values, I’ve used Airtable, or Tap Forms, or OmniOutliner, or even Numbers or Excel. Anything that creates tables that can copied and pasted, or exported as tab-delimited, for import into Tinderbox where they are automatically parsed into individual notes with key attributes and values for those attributes.

(I avoid CSV imports to Tinderbox. The data is usually mis-aligned or incorrectly parsed.)


This “collect multiple copy-actions into the clipboard as a large collection” sounds interesting, how does that work exactly?