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Title in chart view seem to be hidden arbitrary

I am a big fan of the chart view and work with large lists to make sense of my topics. It is really important for me that I can see the whole title right away, but I noticed often titles are “hidden” and I cannot see any logic here.
See the example below. The title “will it work now here with” does continue, but it is not shown. I help myself putting space in, but it seems to work randomly. The title before shows perfectly fine in two lines.

I don’t know that the truncation design is “arbitrary” – it might be intended to strike a balance between usability and readability. The thinking here is probably that very long titles might make Charts less useful. Since Charts can show note $Name for all levels of an outline, a Chart with lots of long $Names could be difficult to read and navigate. In other views, and in the Text panel, long names are truncated.

One approach to ameliorate this, is to make your HoverExpression in your notes’ prototype(s) simply


And the whole $Name will appear when you hover over that note in your Charts.

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Hi Paul,
Thanks that was a great tip. It really helps to strike a balance and being able to read titles quicker.

However, I still find it weird that there seems no clear logic when titles are shown completely and when not. I have for example many lists with long titles too. So I cannot follow here any logic.

Just noticed that Hover trick would be even better if I was able to add the $Text variable too. Somebody knows how I can set two variables under System > General > HoverExpressions?

If I take $Name $Text > The hover prints $Name $Text < The variable names itself.

This works for me:

$Name + $Text

However I suspect this is more useful:

$Name + "\n\n" + $Text

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Fantastic. Works like charm.

We’re taking a fresh look at chart layout as well. It’s surprisingly complex.

I was getting mad trying to understand the way Names work in chart view!

Relived to know that it is “surprisingly complex” and not some mysterious setting.