$TitleOpacity=0 hides Text in Note on Map-View as well

$TitleOpacity hides not only the Name/Title but at the same time: the Text in a Note on Map-View.

I do not want this.


  • Is this a bug or a feature?
  • And once it’s a feature: to what end?

$Name = Title of a Note. Right?

Wanting to alter the, say, Opacity of the “Name”, one has to look for the Attribute $TitleOpacity instead of – more intuitively at least to me – something like $NameOpacity.

What am I missing here?


Neither. The attribute works as described. I think an elision in understanding here is showing $Text in the face of notes on the map is not an original feature. So, $MapBodyTextSize was added in v4.0.0 but even now only show if you resize a note. IOW, note text is not shown by default. instead nores show only their title, which is stored in $Name.

But note title has always == $Name. See above.

So, what is the actual problem you are trying to solve? Are you wanting to suppress the title in a note, but not the $Text? If so, what is the underlying context of need?

Thanks for your explanation @mwra

This is the code I use:

if($Name=="untitled"){$TitleOpacity=0;} else {$TitleOpacity=100;}

It should be self-explanatory. Isn’t it?

Cannot reproduce. Perhaps something else is going on in the document?

please @PaulWalters set the $TitelOpacity to “0” instead of “25” and kindly report back.

BTW 01:

  • It’s a newly created document …

BTW 02:

  • I applied a Rule – instead of entering the $TitleOpacity from the KeyAttribute-Menu!

BTW 03:

  • AFTER applying the Rule, try to type some further Text in your right hand column … there, at last, the Text in the Map-View will disappear.


I tested it over and over again … @mwra @PaulWalters

Setting the $TitleOpacity manually from the KeyAttribute-Menu, works great.

But having a Rule setting the $TitleOpacity in accordance to Code like this if($Name=="untitled"){$TitleOpacity=0;} else {$TitleOpacity=100;} – it’s not working at all.

Could you @eastgate kindly look at this?

Here’s a document with one note, named Ulysses. That note’s Rule sets $TitleOpacity to 0.

This seems right to me: what am I missing? [Answer: the text vanishes only after the next refresh]

TitleOpacity.tbx (142.0 KB)

This is what I’d expect. The title is ‘untitled’ so the text in the note is opaque (not seen). If, as said you’d fully understood the my earlier reply, you’d see this is the expected behaviour.

if you want the title and the text to have different opacity then that is a new feature request. I’m not saying the latter is wrong to want, but the behaviour described is as expected as at v9.6.1.

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I can’t replicate this in a default do where the only changes are:

  • a single note explicitly set with the $Name ‘untitled’ (I say ‘explicitly’ as such notes are normally auto-deleted).
  • the same note has $Text of “This is some text”.

When I open your TitleOpacity.tbx test I see this:

The above is using v9.6.1b628. (FWIW, it is the same in the current beta as well).

ok. I am lost @mwra @eastgate.

This is way too much inside baseball for me.

Just let me know best practice – and I am fine.

Name, Title, Text … I simply don’t get it …

I think that, currently, $TitleOpacity is applied to the text thumbnail as well.

I’ll check to see if it’s practical to avoid this.

There are plenty more attributes relating to look and feel (shape, border, shadow, etc.) but these give the gist of things. The note’s title has been stored in system attribute $Name since the app launched in 2001, the use of ‘Title’ is attribute names used to refer to text windows which disappeared with the app redesign in v6 but still exist for legacy compatibility reasons. :slight_smile:

See more about the various system attributes: System Attribute List

Still can see text at "0"

Aha, I got to the bottom of my failure with @eastgate’s demo file. Setting $TitleOpacity to default made no change to the map (see my previous report), nor did editing the note in other ways. I just tried something I overlooked before, clicking the maps tab to force a full map re-draw and unlike before, now I see:

So going from opacity 100 to 0 works but going from 0 to 100 currently needs a manual bump to refresh the view. I guess an extra re-draw prompt is needed behind the curtain to avoid the later need in the future.

FWIw, the giveaway was when I duplicated the note that should show title/text but wasn’t. The duplicate presented correctly, hinting that a deeper re-draw needed calling.

In this case, calling changed() after modifying $TitleOpacity might be all that is needed.

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hi @PaulWalters

as I wrote here:

  • setting the Opacity manually does not cause the problem

Ok. Where are we now @mwra @eastgate?

Could you kindly provide us with refined formula one is supposed to use – at least for the time being – to achieve what actually jump-started this very post?

Thank you very much!

Thanks @mwra

All this I knew, already.

But while having to use $Name in order to put information in whereas changing the appearance of the Name asks for $Titlexyz like $TitleOpacity isn’t that straightforward at least to my non-programmer brain.

Do you understand me?

I think that, if $TitleOpacity is zero, the text thumbnail is also suppressed. If I recall aright, this was requested a few years back; I don’t remember the details.

I wonder, in your case, if using $DisplayExpression would suffice:

if ($Name=="untitled") {"[space]";} else {$Name;}

I’ll look into separating $TitleOpacity from the text thumbnail.

Nice. I’ll try it …


In this case, calling changed() after modifying $TitleOpacity might be all that is needed.

… is not an option anymore as suggested here?