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To find a ".tbx sample"

Au secours !
Anything you could do for me would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
I was hoping to search through the forum posts to find a “.tbx sample” that would guide me to the usage I want to know, but this string (?= \b[\u\l]+\b .tbx $) search did not do the trick, so I’d be very grateful for any help I could get.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

I don’t believe the forum software supports regular expression search, or it may be that searching for a regular expression string fails because the backslashes in the string are treated as such. You could try doubling the backslashes. This is in effect saying that for ‘\b’ you mean the string ‘\b’ rather than a literal ‘b’. Sorry - regular expressions are very confusing! Have you tried:

(?= \\b[\\u\\l]+\\b .tbx $)

By all mans tell us the general subject of the post from which you are searching as someone may recognising it.

Failing that, just tell us what you are trying to find in your own TBX and maybe we can help :slight_smile:

Dear Dr. Mark Anderson,
Thanks for pointing that out and for the advice.
Look for a .tbx Title written in English. is the regular expression I wanted to use.
This is the result of my “search” using your writing style.
Using (?= \\b[\\u\\l]+\\b .tbx $)
Due to time constraints, I’ve been able to find
I verified roughly one-fifth of what was displayed in the Safari browser.
The results. (Please refer to the attached documents.)
“.tbx” was filled in (29 items).
The “.tbx” is not included at all (60 items)

Could not you post a sample .tbx file in one place?

How would you feel about putting all the Tinderbox Sample “files” scattered around the Forum into one place that would be useful for beginners and users who want to take it to the next level?
Each time I search the forum for “examples” that will guide me in the use of what I want to know, and then I learn and use what I can do with them.
Sorry about the end of the sentence.
Thank you, Mr. Paul Walters, for providing “Exsample” at all times.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu
Look for a .tbx Title written in English…txt.zip (3.4 KB)

Are you trying to find every post that has had a specimen TBX posted, or just TBXs called ‘example.tbx’. I’m not sure that is easily possible. Partly this is because people post problem files and others post fixed file or general example files and these are hard to tell apart. More difficult is what you really want is any post that has a URL link to a TBX file.

The discourse forum software does not have a way to filter out messages with links in them, or to further filter the results to posts where the link points to a TBX file, which may not have a TBX extension but instead a ZIP or DMG extension. Also, we can’t just look at uploaded TBXs as some people post files on their own servers. So, it’s difficult!

Is there a particular example file you are trying to find?

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks a lot for your remarking on.
As you know,
To learn is to imitate first.This is an ancient Japanese teaching.
The same concept applies in both Western and Eastern cultures.
I learned it from Marcel Moyse, a great teacher who was called the god of the flute, again.
Let back to the subject.
The Keyboard Maestro Forum has a section where we can vote for our favorite macros. Why not take a look at the form of a nomination for a tbx file that may be useful to everyone?
If we make a “list” of “example.tbx” files that we think are “recommended” from the users’ point of view, we can avoid some of the problems that Dr. Mark Anderson thinks we should have.
"How does it work? What do you think the significance of taking this approach is, it will be the responsibility of the “user themselves” to download the software?
I will leave it up to you to decide on the selection criteria, as I am sure there are your own.
Thank you for your consideration.
Truly Yours. WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

It is an interesting idea. I do think TBX documents are not as generic as Keyboard Maestro macros which are often smaller in scope.

However, if someone wants to start on this process that would be good. It is not an extra task (ir is not a small one) to which I can commit honestly given the limited time I have available. An opportunity for someone else perhaps?

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson
Bernardo Vasconcelos indirectly replied to this earlier suggestion. This Gallery of Tbx Templates [Complete List]. is a very useful list for beginners.
The list is very useful for beginners.
Your “An opportunity for someone else perhaps?” was Bernardo Vasconcelos.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu