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Toolbar on by Default

Is there anyway to enable the toolbar so that it is on by default? I just want to be able to open the application and go at my work not having to enable the toolbar every single time I open a file or group of files I work on every single day. I have been waiting years for this feature or option any help would be appreciated!

I don’t believe there is a built-in method for that, so you might want to email that in a feature request**. The toolbar exists mainly, I suspect, as it’s part of the underlying frameworks. There are only 3 controls:

  • Colours. I’ve actually no idea what this controls as most Tinderbox colour controls invoke the system colour palette directly.
  • Fonts. As easily called via Cmd+T shortcut.
  • View type. Right click the selected tab’s tab label to give a pop-up of alternate view choices.

** I’ve not time to test in detail but it might be possible to use a custom config.xml to set this - I’d email tech support to see if that’s possible.

The toolbar can have whatever shortcut you want to give it. I believe the default is ⌥⌘T