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Transfer user attributes from one tbx to another

Is there a way to copy/paste or drag user attributes from one tbx to another?

I’m trying take a complex tbx and make a simpler tbx, but I don’t want to start from scratch. For example, I’m bringing over some prototypes, but I also want to bring over the user attributes.

No, not in v6+. It was possible in the old UI but the newer framework used for v6 made that process (not easily? possible).

If you’ve a very complex custom set-up (user attributes, prototypes, stamps, colours, link types, templates, etc.) you’re probably best to simply copy the old file, rename the copy and delete all the content from the copy to leave only the bits you need, e.g. prototypes, composites and templates. If it just attributes just delete all content (in the copy!) and save.

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If you intend to frequently use the file that @mwra described making as a starting point for new Tinderbox documents, consider saving it to ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/favorites. Anything saved there can be the template for a new document created with the File > Open Favorites command.

Or one right clicks on a tbx-file Get Info --> General and checks “Stationery pad”. That creates a Template right away for any new tbx-files one wants to create using whatever attributes created beforehand.

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Good tip @andreas – stationary pad is probably one of the least used features in macOS – more people should know about it. It’s fine for Tinderbox and anything else for which you need templated starting points for documents.

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