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Trello -> Tinderbox? (JSON import)

This is a continuation of a thread started in the old forum - here. I thought I’d tie up some possible solution and which give a nod to importing JSON in general by moving it to CSV, which is supported - see more on CSV/tab-delim import to Tinderbox.

As at v6.6.5, I believe there is no import parser for JSON (though there is on the export side - with jsonEncode()).

Trello exports JSON - see here. That article mentions a Chrome (only) plugin that lets basic level Trello export CSV, which Tinderbox can handle; Trello ‘Business class’ level account can export CSV directly. It is worth noting that the Trello article says the JSON export is quite complex and likely more data (e.g. internal Trello relationships) than you’ll likely need in the likes of Tinderbox. The latter seems a reason engineering in specific Trello support.

Tech folks happy with the command line could install a script (get json2csv from github here). Then, save to JSON (from Trello or other apps), pass through json2csv and drag the CSV into Tinderbox to invoke its CSV import (see link above). You could also knock up a shell script to automate that and even invoke it from within Tinderbox by using a runCommand() call in a stamp.

Less tech folk can use an online JSON -> CSV utility, such as here. Then the flow is, save JSON file, upload to website, covert, copy CSV output to the clipboard, switch focus to Tinderbox and paste the (CSV) data into their TBX document.

I forgot (hat tip for reminder: @PaulWalters) that less tech users should be aware that if you use a web service you are using someone else’s server so it might not be sensible if you have sensitive personal data in your JSON.

With the usual caveat that by doing this you are sending your data to someone you don’t know, operating somewhere you have no idea where, doing something with your data you have no idea what. IOW, if your JSON contains anything more sensitive than mom’s grape jelly recipe, be careful.

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Anyone care to email me an export from a typical Trello? bernstein@eastgate.com

Which is potentially an issue for Trello itself as well. – Katherine

I know this is an old thread, but Trello export/import is somewhat relevant for me so I’m sending a file your way. If you need it, I can make the original Trello board public as well.