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Triangle adornment possible

Is there any way that an unskilled user could add a triangle as adornment?

Not really. It wouldn’t be hard to add it here, though. Can you give us a sketch of what sort of thing you have in mind?

Hi Mark,

You seem so open. So, I will describe what I am looking for more fully. I know you have outline view. But, that typically gets messed up for totally visual me, so I am working mainly in the map view. I know I am not using the real power of TBX, but super nerd TBX is overwhelming. I make progress in very small steps.

A plain triangle is what I requested. A pentagon and octagone would be useful too. All the ornaments can be increased and decreased in size and dimension. So, I am assuming it would be able to do that. The point is a triangle ect has 3 sides with clickable end points and a title in the center, colors etc.

While I am asking let me give you the whole picture.

I want other ornament-like object. Maybe these are not like your typical definition of an ornament. But, call it what you like. I will call it an object because I know this is not really an ornament. I am looking for simple line arrows and lines. Not the ornaments, but lines and arrows that can change direction freely. Maybe they can be thinner or thicker but they hold nothing inside. They have a title possible in the center top. I am always using TBX like a diagram. Instead of making a jpeg of a line, or arrow, it would be better to use an object. Take less time and probably less space. The direction of the line arrow etc., could be adjusted. One arrow pointing in one direction, but that could be flipped. And a two direction arrow is also needed. Another object I always use is for making a tree. This website has an example. http://www.hebblethwaites.net/hebblethwaite_pedigree.jpg

I don’t need to do anything so elaborate. Just one of those branches. The branch needs to point to optional numbers of notes. So, a well-organized diagram might include a hexagon, pentagon, a triangle and a tree branch as a way to visually organizing an idea. The name of the item would go in the center of the ornament or on top of the line object. If it could be just a label and not a TBX note, that would save space. Not everything requires a complex TBX note.

When I am using the diagram to talk to students, I say the ttt hexagram has the polar symptoms of hot and cold. (I am describing a disease condition) Remember the yyy triangle? That applies to the ttt hexagram. The mental conditions (displayed as a tree branch), do not appear necessarily separately and they depend on the polarities of the xx hexagon.

The ornaments would organize the information so it would be easier to talk about them than an outline. The normal outline discourse is “Look at A then B then C. A relates to C but B is a totally different aspect of the analysis.” “Me: Groan” This linear abstraction is confusing because there is no sense of a bird’s eye view of the over all organization. Nothing for the student to quickly grasp.

Also, as I am organizing information for my own use. I am trying to get less confused when I have a maze of information. Currently in TBX, I tend to put ideas together by flatly grouping them, but the already existing eways of visually represent the relationships among notes are useful if you are doing a complex analysis, but usually, I do not start at that point. I am trying to organize a jumble of information in the beginning. In my current way of working, a group gets another note as a title.

The title would be more distinctive if I had the option to label a group as tttt. For example, maybe ttt goes on a line or an arrow. Sometimes I use the line or arrow as a boundary between groups of notes. Maybe I am not so organized that I can think of a triangular relationship. So, I make do with a group (a jumble). Other times, I am trying to represent polarities with notes at two ends of an arrow. Other times, the line is simply a way to display a title for a group. Eventually, that group may become organized as a hexagon, but I am not there yet. So, I am grasping for some handy form of visual organization.

Thanks for reading.

Ellen Madono

This makes some sense; we’ll look into this for the future.

For the moment, you might find that an image adornment of a triangle will do pretty much what you need.

  1. I hadn’t thought of the usefulness of triangle-adornments, but I agree with @ellen that they could be handy.

  2. I hadn’t thought of the work-around of using an image-adornment, as shown by @eastgate. Useful to know thanks.

One nice thing is that recent changes to the way Tinderbox scales image adornments when you change the adornment size make this kind of image adornment far more useful.

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Thank-you. Being able to change the dimensions is very close to what I was looking for.

An image can’t be rotated the way I was hoping an arrow or a line would.