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Troubleshooting Export for a Tinderbox Document

Hi Everyone,
I have a tinderbox document in which export codes do not seem to work when exporting a note.

What I mean is that the same export code that works in a brand new document, does not seem to work in the file in question. I am not sure if the file is corrupted or if there are some troubleshooting steps I should do.

I would normally just start over from a fresh document, but this is a complex file with lots of user attributes and stamps.

I have looked at the system settings: HTMLDontExport is false, HTMLExportTemplate works fine
The template works in the new document, does not work in the older file.

Export exports Name and Text works fine but not the export code such as: ^value($SomeAttribute)^ code in the template.

What I am looking for are some other items I might have missed to check before I start over.

Thanks in advance

Are you exporting ^text or ^text(plain)? That’s the first place I’d look.

Also, what’s $HTMLMarkupText? If this is false, you’re telling Tinderbox not to process text markup.

Barring that, starting over seems a terrible idea. I could take a look, or perhaps you could post an excerpt from the document here?