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Turning off auto fetch when dragging from DEVONthink

How do I tell TB not to auto fetch the contents of an item that I drag into TB from DEVONthink? All I want is a url linking back to the DT item. It seems to make little sense to have the content of a pdf document inserted into the note created in TB.

Make sure $AutoFetch is not checked for the note(s) – i.e., $AutoFetch == FALSE. If you are dragging or pasting into a container, this can be part of the $OnAdd for that container.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked, and AutoFetch is indeed false for both the note in question, and for the system. Am I missing something?

No. I was. I read your question as relating to what happens after the import. You were writing about what happens during the import – you don’t want Tinderbox to fetch the content of the dragged-in item ever.

Perhaps instead of dragging in the item, create a note and then copy/paste the DEVONthink item link into $URL?

Hi @rtalexander,

I have had the very same question and there appears to be no way to turn this off.

See here: How do I prevent TB to fetch the contents of PDFs when dragging 'n dropping from Devonthink

The linked post also details a workaround.