Tweak: Rule, Edict or Stamp suggestions to center notes in Map view with Scale, $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY?

I am starting to starting to switch back and forth between map view and outline.
I am finding, my notes are many times centered, sometimes not. This behavior has gotten significantly better over the years…now its just a tweak for those odd occasions where I have to scroll my map scroll bar hunting my notes.
I realize one can set the position of the notes using $MapScrollX and $MapsScrollY.

Does anyone have any good rules or edicts you are using to make centering the notes in map view more consistent?

This is not a criticism or a feature request since this feature mostly works, I am just trying to tweak and optimize my setting.

What I am hoping for is a rule or edict I can place in my pFolder prototype to make this behavior more consistent to reset Scale to Standard Scale, Centered: MapScrollX and MapScrollY or a stamp I can apply as needed.

Thanks in advance

I have an Inbox folder. I have 3 note containers in there. That is basically it.I can see them in Outline view. When I switch to Map view, I have to “hunt” for these notes to get them into view using the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

What is different now in my workflow is that previously I was very outline heavy/dependent and rarely used Map view. Currently, I am exploring using Map view first to give me more of a thinking space however I am struggling to initially “find my notes” I do not remember it being this challenging which is why I am thinking there is something I am missing or perhaps a setting I need to better understand.



If you’re always going to have only 3 Containers in your inbox, I would just hardcode the xPos and yPos values into them.

You can also set the OnAdd of the Inbox to create new Notes with a given xPos/yPos value, or a given value based on previous Note.

You can place a large Adornment in your Inbox and have all/selected Notes/Containers be created on it by setting $Adornment in the OnAdd. This way all your new Notes would be created at a preset and precise location. You could additionally set DisplayedAttributes to include $Adornment, and delete or replace that value when you’re ready to place those Notes elsewhere on the Map while building your ideas.

Hope some of these are useful.


Thanks Art, I like the idea of setting an Adornment to the MapScrollX,Y to 0,0 and have implemented it. In addition, I set up a KM (keyboard maestro) script to stamp any future adornments or notes I may want to set as the default for the view.

Thanks Art


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