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Twig - Is it still alive / actual?

Just recently stumbled over Twig while I was reviewing Stacey Mason’s explorations.
Downloaded it for giggles and tested, it still installs and links to purchase are still functional…

Wondering if this may (still) be of any help…?

I liked Twig a lot, back in the day.

Unfortunately, Catalina (10.15) does not like Twig. Not 64-bit. Without resuscitation, Twig will eventually be unusable for all.

Screenshot of Finder (3-2-20, 6-43-05 AM)

FWIW, Twig does run on 10.14.6, but unless you are familiar with the old pre-v6 Tinderbox UI it may be a bit confusing.

As does Tinderbox 5.12.3, before someone asks. At it and Twig long predate Catalina, I’d not expect either to work on the latest MacOS.

Of use? If you have Tinderbox v6+ probably not really. Twig was an interesting tool (I recall time spent using it) but if resuscitated I suspect it would look a bit different.

I haven’t opened Twig in age - until now. I do still have Tinderbox v5 installed but until testing just now I think it’s at least a year since I last opened it. Things move on.

Thread-jack Q: I am still running Mojave, 10.14.6 I keep getting nagged by my computer to upgrade to Catalina. Is there a reason I should do so – on “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principles?

And, yes, I can still run Twig on this Mojave computer. I like the winsome charm of Twig.

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You might more frequently miss out on features by not updating to 10.15+. As developers incorporate Catalina and latter features. YMMV – ask your devs if it matters.

Otherwise, keep where you are.

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