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Two questions about colors


I have two questions about colors:

  1. Is there a way to give a special color to a font in an outline? To me, it seems, that it gets the background color of the note in map view, only a bit paler…
  2. What is the accent color ($AccentColor)? It seems to do nothing, when I change this. What does it have an effect on?

$AccentColor is what was previously $Color2. It is used for map patterns, progress bars, etc. I don’t believe it has a major purpose in Outline view.

The colour of outline items is drawn in $Color, the primary colour used in drawing the note’s map icon. This may be modified by several document-level settings (more here).

On a map, the colour of the title can be set via $NameColour but this is not used in Outlines.

So, as to your #1, the colour is $Color unless modified by your doc’s Document Settings.

Ok. That means, it is the same as the note color. So I cannot give a separate color to the outline text. But the next problem is, that the color appear not the way I intend them to appear. See screenshot…

The text is much darker than what I chose. That’s not a problem per se, but when I take colors, which are not so bright as this bright green, the differences between the colors of the outline get very small and can not be distinguished so easily anymore.


Look here - I suspect you have ‘Darker colors’ ticked (it is by default). If you want the outline to use $Color without alteration, un-tick that setting.

That’s it… marvellous! And I am not quite sure, how often I was in those damn settings :smile: … often… but mostly I tried around with the color schemes. Ok, I think, I will remember this setting. Thanks a lot

In case it helps, the ‘Darker colors’ default can be overridden at app level (for nw TBXs) by using a custom config.xml file - as explained here.

Good to know, that there is a way to achieve this. I’m not sure, if I need such a colorful outline in each TB.

But this shows again, how far Tinderbox can be customized to one’s personal preferences…

Nice :+1:

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