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Two Questions About Links

  1. I see how to make links invisible document-wide, but how do I make them invisible on an ad hoc basis, ie choose to make some visible and some not?

  2. How do I have the full path of each link shown in the little hover list that shows up when you click/hold on the curved arrow in map view or next to the [[ when you start typing a text link… I want to be able to use, say, Kant as a note name in both my Hegel container and my Frege container…

I’m running Version 7.5.6 (b335) Onwards — JM

#1. You can’t. You can style the visible link, per-link, but link visibility is set per links type in the Links Inspector:


For an individual link you can use the View menu’s Browse Links option or click the link’s info button:


Either will bring up the configurable link info for that link:

…in which you will see no control for visibility. If you need this, I suggest emailing Eastgate with a feature request.

  1. Are you referring to this:


That is the stub indicating the number of links terminating out side the current map (or separately the same but inbound links). Click-hold on the stub lists the linked notes by title ($Name). Again, the rendering of that list is not user configurable. So again, a feature request perhaps.

I workaround for #2 is to name those notes Kant1, Kant2, etc. but set their $DisplayExpression to “Kant”. On the maps the notes will show the title ‘Kant’, but click-holing on the above stub would show the actual discrete title (i.e. $Name not $DisplayName) so ‘Kant1’, ‘Kant2’, etc.

Well, on the bright side, I didn’t miss some obvious thing in the documentation :wink: I’ll email Eastgate. PS: Thanks as always for your generosity. (From what I gathered I believe you’ve turned in your thesis by now – big affirmations!) Best — JM

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How kind. Yes—thesis submitted, awaiting viva. Just discovered my external examiner has >100 papers new to me. So, a bit of bed-time reading so I don’t inadvertently say the wrong thing. :open_mouth:

Depending how important individual link visibility is in what you’re doing, you could set the individual link color to match the map background. That link won’t be visible unless it passes over an adornment.

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The last idea is neat. At the same time, in the rush to solve this problem, don’t overlook the next one - how do you find such hidden links if you need to reset them. I’m happy to be wrong, but currently I don’t think there are controls that let you reset link customisations of multiple links at once.