Typing footnote symbols

Someone just asked about how you type footnote marker symbols, e.g. †, on a Mac, so I’ve added a new article: Shortcuts for typing footnote marker symbols.


  • the article explains why, of the normal symbol set, the asterisk (*) and hash/pound (#) are not safe if typing in a Markdown environment.
  • Tinderbox’s own internal footnoting feature doesn’t use these symbols.
  • Different language keyboards map these extra symbols differently. I use a UK keyboard so the exact keystrokes needed will vary for most users from the keystrokes I describe, but, the article explains how to open the macOS keyboard viewer to see symbol key mapping on your own system.

New article is live and sitemap and TBX zip are updated too.

†. That is why my footnotes to posts here always start with the second marker, the dagger (). :slight_smile:


I’d meant to add that if, like me, you forget less-used shortcuts or you need to insert Unicode characters, an app like TextExpander and can help. I have the latter, but similar other ones exist, e.g. Typinator, etc.

So rather than type <sup>†</sup>, I type trigger shortcut ‘uudag’ and TextExpander adds an uppercase dagger character. Same process for ⌘, ↓, ▸, ⌦, etc.