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Unable to undo copying an adornment


I’ve got a weird issue. I have some notes in an adornment. I want to select several, so I option-drag. When I do this, I find that instead of selecting the notes, it makes a copy of the adornment and drags it.

The really weird thing is that if I then try to undo, it does not undo the copy operation, but starts undoing previous operations.

Is this normal behaviour? I guess two questions:

  • How do I drag-select items that are on top of an adornment?
  • How do I undo if I accidentally copy and adornment - or is this a bug?



The only workaround I have found for selecting items in the adornment is to either move the adornment out the way, or start the drag in a space that does not have an adornment on it. The workaround for the undo issue is to delete the adornment manually, but inconsistencies with undo are worrying me!

Here is a gif showing the issues… I don’t have permission to add links or images yet, so you will have to add https :// to the front and remove some spaces _[admin: done!]!:

I can’t speak as to what does/doesn’t make the undo clue as that’s under-the-hood and hidden from us users.

Some relevant factors:

  • You can’t start a band-select (Opt+Drag) within an adornment because that initially selected the adornment before the drag extends the selection.
  • Selecting notes.
  • Locked adornments are not included in drag selections (see $Lock)
  • Because we tend to work left-to-right, top-to-bottom, we thus generally start a band-select at the top left corner, but you can start in any corner of the eventual rectangle.
  • Having made an (incorrect) box select, unwanted items can be individually removed by Cmd_clicking an item to delete it from the selection. In the same way, adding to a band-select result—e.g. another note further away on the map) can be achieved via Cmd+click on that note. Thus, Cmd+click toggles the clicked item/in out of the current selection (this is true for any view type allowing multiple selections)

More on adornments.

Opt-drag selects all notes inside the selection area, so the adornment is also selected. This is easy to avoid!

  • Lock the adornment first. It won’t be selected. Or,
  • Deselect the adornment. After opt-drag to marquee-select your notes, cmd-click the adornment to deselect it.