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Undesirable "Watching Shared Notes" behavior

Prior to learning about Apple’s Catalina Notes bug and its effect on Tinderbox’s Watch Folder functionality, I attempted to set it up by selecting Watch—>Folder From Notes. When I found that I couldn’t select a specific Notes folder via the dialogue, I clicked OK. This created the root level container for which I then set the WatchFolder attribute to the name of the folder in Notes that I created for this functionality.

I learned immediately that it wasn’t working correctly after the container exhibited the “trouble fetching notes in NotesForTinderbox” message. I then went to the Forum where I learned of the issue with Notes under Catalina.

However, I’m now seeing the following strange behavior: I’ll occasionally find that a new note entitled “note from Notes” has been created somewhere in my hierarchy with the same “trouble fetching notes in NotesForTinderbox” as its text (see screenshot). Mostly it’s just an annoyance, but in several instances, it has “clobbered” an existing note, replacing my original text with the “trouble fetching notes in NotesForTinderbox” text.

Can anyone suggest a method to prevent this from happening?


Don’t use the Watch Notes feature?

You can run an agent whose query is

$NotesFolder != "";

And then delete all the originals of the results of the agent.

You’ve probably set $NotesFolder for some notes, perhaps because a prototype had it set accidentally.

Heh. Yeah, that’s occurred to me.

Will your query disable the feature? If so, then I’m good. However, if not, then I’m still faced with the problem of my notes getting “clobbered” by the feature, and would need to find a way to disable it.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, Mark. I’ll look into that.


No. The query will find the notes that have the feature enabled. Once you have found those notes you need to decide if you want to delete the note that has $NotesFolder set to some value, or not. If you do not want to delete the note, then merely use QuickStamp (or create a Stamp and use it) to set $NotesFolder = "". Once you’ve have done that, then the problem will stop.

Or your could merely create the $NotesFolder="" stamp, select all the notes in the file, and apply the stamp. Gross, but effective at terminating the issue.

Perfect. Thanks, Paul!


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BTW, as @eastgate pointed out, make sure you don’t any any prototypes that are setting a value for $NotesFolder, otherwise you’re going to be propagating the problem to your notes again and once more infecting your document with the errors.