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Unlock multiple adornments

I have about 100 adornments locked in map view. Is there way to select them all and unlock them, or do I have to do it one by one? I’d love to find a way to unlock them as a group as one-by-one will take forever.

Band-select (Opt+drag) all the items and then on the Properties Inspector’s ‘more’ tab, toggle the Locked tick-box which sets $Lock.

Or, give the items a common value in some attribute, then use an agent to match those notes and use the agent action to toggle $Lock.

There isn’t an action command to select note(s), in case that was what you were looking for. (I understand the background here, of your current project.)

The agent does not work with/for adornments. That is the problem. The Opt+drag does not seem to work on Map view with locked adornments. Any suggestions?

Stamp? collect(all).each(x){$Lock=false;} or something like that, perhaps?

Yes, but will that wont on locked adornments?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. In general, actions override $Lock and $ReadOnly

This will collect notes but not adornments. A past design choice bites. Who knew we’d be wonting to do this with 10s/100s of adornments. Generally, deliberately filtering out adornments is benign.

Action code can act on an adornment via an an offset path/designator. But, you need to know the name or path of the adornment, which of course you can’t fetch via a query! (Tested in v9.2.1)

OK. I could add a group designator adornments

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