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Update hyperlinks when the source note's title changes?

Is there a way to automatically update a hyperlink across multiple notes when I change the title of the note to which they are linked?

Scenario: I have a note that focuses on a concept such as “water” and when I add text to it I cite the source using a ziplink to a citation note titled “Hart 2016.” Later, I realize I misspelled his name and want to update the citation note’s title to “Heart 2016” but now all the links I’ve made to this citation note are incorrect. I realize they still work, but they do not read correctly.

I know this seems like a small problem, but it’s just the easiest example I could think of. I’ve had other issues with this, especially when I try to use a more Zettle/evergreen notetaking approach to cultivating a knowledge database. Often I realize I need to split a concept note into two but I can’t change the name of the original note because all of the text links I’ve made elsewhere won’t necessarily make sense anymore if I come across them later from a different pathway.

It’s actually the one thing about Notion, Roam and Obsidian that I find attractive - how the hyperlinks to a note will automatically update to reflect changes to the title of the note. I realize my lack of computer coding knowledge means I may be asking for something that is not doable, but thought I’d ask in case there is an automation or action I could use as a work around in TBX.

Is there a way to update all the links other than manually one by one? Thanks!

It is worth noting that (text) links that use the target note’s name s anchor text is just one way to use text links, albeit made easier via the ‘ziplinks’ method of text-link creation. Tinderbox links have always unidirectional and anchor text of text links is not accessible via action code automation. I mention this because it may help explain why the feature you intuit doesn’t exist.

I tried using $Text.replace() with a stamp like this:

$Text=$Text.replace("Hart 2016","Heart 2016");

Although this does correct the anchor text, the link anchor now omits the ‘6’ as the new string is 1 character longer than the original, indicating the text anchor length data was not updated.

I don’t know if AppleScript might provide a workaround (at a conference so no time free for such a test).

I do suggest you raise a feature request with tech support (info@eastgate.com) explaining your use case as I don’t believe there is a method you’ve overlooked. even if I can’t give the outcome you desire, I hope Ii’ve been able to explain why. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, regardless of the text of a note’s anchor, I do think it would be useful to be able to automatically edit/alter said text from the target note context, for the same reason as above—when subsequently splitting/merging notes in a mature document.

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I followed your recommendation and sent in a feature request. Thanks for your quick reply!

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