Update to Logging Toolbox v1j (LogRec function) & associated documentation

Here is an updated version 1j of the Toolbox Tbx file I had previously shared. This should replace the version I used during Sunday’s (26-June) Meetup where logging was demonstrated as a method for debugging code.

Toolbox v1j.zip (1.9 MB) Version 1i 26-June-2022

This Toolbox and its logging tools represents the latest version of what I previously provided in the Logging tool (LogRec) suitable for tracing Action Code and Logging for Fun and Profit posts.

Version 1j incorporates additional edits to the documentation over version 1i posted yesterday. These latest versions introduce several new features and refinements to the LogRec( ) function, as well as some of the other functions, stamps, and technical notes included with this Toolbox. The documentation for LogRec( ) has also been improved, and reflects the latest changes—reference the “Documentation for Logging Tools” Note.

Hopefully, the recording from Sunday’s meetup will be helpful to anyone interested in using these tools for debugging code or logging of other actions.

Feedback and suggestions for improvements are most welcome.


Tinderbox meet-up video is Tinderbox Meetup 2022-June-26 on Vimeo