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Updates for v7.2.0

Tinderbox v7.2.0b274 has just been released:: http://www.eastgate.com/download/tbx720.dmg

To reflect this I’ve already updated aTbRef & images to v7.2.0: http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index.html (any aTbRef errors to @mwra please).

I’ve also updated my old ‘starter’ file for v7.x. The starter7.tbx file is at http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tbdemos/starter7.zip. The concept is a file with a lot of text attributes, prototypes, templates, etc., pre-defined to assit repid testing of rules, export, linking, etc. Please read the explanatory notes in the file; these are best read in Outline view even if you normally use other views for your work.

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The Markdown preview is wonderful.
This is a prorgress we have been hopping for.
thank you guys.

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I’ve just had a look at your starter file – it’s excellent. Thanks very much for sharing it, and for all the work you do on the forum and with atbref: it’s been a great source of support over the years and it’s much appreciated.


Just a minor point (which may be my misunderstanding…).

In the text to About ‘Starter7.tbx’, you write:

Then select it in Finder and choose “File Info” and tick the ‘Stationery File’ box.
Once done, the file will show within TB File -> Open Recent, below the rule at the bottom of the list as ‘Starter’. Simply click it and a copy is opened as a new ‘untitled’ (i.e. unsaved) document.

On Sierra and TB7.2, for me at least, the favourites are in their own sub-menu File > Open Favorites, not in the Open Recents menu. Doesn’t matter a great deal, of course, but I thought I’d mention it for completeness.

Thanks again.

Thank you - well spotted! Now fixed, along with a couple of typos. I’ve replaced the previous file, so just download a fresh copy from http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tbdemos/starter7.zip.


One other thing – I’ve just been trying out the Markdown export and preview and couldn’t get it to work at first. I think I’ve just tracked down why…

It seems you have Tinderbox 7.app on your desktop, so you’ve coded $HTMLPreviewCommand to point to within the app bundle there.

I have it installed in /Applications, so I keep getting ‘command not found errors’. When I updated it to my path, it works fine.

I.e. for the markdown prototype I have:

$HTMLPreviewCommand='/Applications/Tinderbox 7.app/Contents/Resources/Markdown/Markdown.pl'

This may be more generally applicable as a default for the starter as I think most people install into Applications?

Another minor point — took me a while to work out where the Preview pane was for quick viewing of the markdown rendering (Mark B mentions it in the Release Notes). Of course I’d forgotten that you need to use Window > Show Text Pane Selector.

Of course, you can’t turn the starter file into a tutorial, but I wondered if other people will be as flummoxed as I was at first, so a very quick note in the Markdown prototype text (‘To see the preview make sure you’ve selected ‘Show Text Pane Selector’ in the Window menu’) might help?

Thanks again for doing the starter file – leafing through it has reminded me of many features I never use, and that’s a great help in itself.

All good stuff. I did some proofing of this on the Backstage, but there were all long-term users, and forget we know where stuff lives.

That’s an interesting point about the Markdown location. I generally have the current public release in my Apps and the current beta on my desktop. I use the latter for my work and the former for working problems like those in the forum (so I’m not using unreleased features). This time I got caught out, especially as I was - in beta - a version ahead.

The $HTMLPreviewCommand error is sufficiently egregious I’ve uploaded a fresh update. I’ve added brief reference to the script location in the note about Prototypes. I’ve not time at present to test it fully so please let me know if it’s still not working. At some point there probably ought to be a Markdown learner/starter file (indeed for LaTeX too) but my PhD thesis writing is a pressing priority.

I’d overlooked the hidden text pane sub-tabs - it occurred as I actually re-build the file from scratch and the new (post v.?) default is to hide these extra as some folk don’t need/use such features. Now it’s on the setting should hold but I’ve added an extra explanatory note in case!

Fresh upload at http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tbdemos/starter7.zip.

For those who enjoy such things here’s a pictorial timeline of Tinderbox releases (but not the many interim betas!): http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_grabs/Tinderbox%20Releases.pdf


That’s great - I’ve had a quick test on the latest and it works fine now.

Thanks very much!

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Thanks for this release – some really useful new features.

A few issues and/or wishlist items I found:

“_When importing from DevonThink, items that have text but not styled text now import the tex_t.” – unfortunately, when I now drag a PDF+Text file from DTP, I now get gibberish in the Text pane (i.e. the PDF coding)

Email message (.eml) files are now imported.” – works perfectly with Mail, but not with my preferred email client MailMate (I just get a link back to the email but not the subject or content) – any chance this can be made to work?

When a text selection is dragged from Safari into the Tinderbox text pane, Tinderbox records the source URL in the note’s $URL attribute.” – works perfectly in standard Safari view, but if you try it in the Safari “Reader” view it creates a URL starting “safari-reader://” which can’t be handled. I know, just switch back to the normal view, not a big deal, but would be nice if it could handle the Reader view because this preserves some formatting (links are esp. useful) while getting rid of a lot of the crap (e.g. who want pale green text on black backgrounds in their Tbx notes!)

Um, I’m not sure this is on topic or the best way to progress this. As they appear to be issues or feature requests I’d suggest they are better send to support. A few brief thoughts:

  • I don’t use DEVONThink a lot (i.e I’m not expert in that app). Please ensure you’re updated to the latest copy of DTPro and contact tech support with steps to reproduce the problem.
  • EML is general format so not all apps may use it the same way. AFAIK, Tinderbox doesn’t explicitly claim to support MailMate so likely some further triage is required as to how/why its EML files don’t import cleanly (for instance they may not follow the documented format). Please pass details to tech support.
  • Reader. I see the underlying point and suggest you forward a feature request to tech support.

I’m not trying to be dismissive. It is just these are things the forum can’t really progress and don’t relate directly to this thread (otherwise it would encompass anything in v7.2.0 and become unreadable). If you want to discuss here the individual issues further I’d politely request starting a new thread for each discrete topic.

Edit: misspelling: ‘DEVENThink’ . Sorry, corrected. No ill intent to the DT app.

@mrkwr An immediate gibberish-anti-dot or “workaround” (or maybe it’s even supposed to be this way?) for dragged-and-dropped files form Devonthink into Tinderbox is to tick the AutoFetch-attribute which immediately results in properly displayed note name and content.

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Please further discussion of the DevonThink import issue in this thread.

Where to finde 7.2-Release Notes

Thanks for the 7.2 release. I’m looking forward to exploring the new features … which I haven’t been able to read about yet; since I do not have access to this feature survey for 7.2 – neither through the “Recent Changes” nor the “Release Notes” link within the Tinderbox-Help-Menu.

I know this has been a reoccurring issues throughout last updates; which most likely can be resolved by uninstalling TBX, rebooting and reinstalling TBX.

But I do like to keep 7.1 along 7.2. So I’d like to know a way of keeping both 7.1 and 7.2 and at the same time gaining access to the latest Release Notes for 7.2.

The Help menu ‘Release notes’ was a feature of the old app design and disappeared with v5; in truth I think most without much Tinderbox experience found it hard to parse. From v6, release notes, such as they are are now found in the app’s Help menu -> Tinderbox Help, main page link ‘Release Notes’ (and there link to ‘7.2.0’.

On my own initiative, as of v7.2.0 I’ve also expanded aTbRef’s change summary article (see here) to cover fixes/improvements that don’t warrant explicit mention in the main content of aTbRef (e.g. under-the-hood performance improvements). As you will see it does end up as a lot of detail - and much of which i suspect few will read.

The source data for this is primarily ‘Notes.tbx’ (to which Backstage members have access). However, I generally expand/clarify such notes for the general user as they may be rather cryptic for less frequent users of the app.

There is a balancing act in covering every change for an audience with a wide range of app and general tech expertise. Too much emphasis and, as has happened in the past, the community ends up discussing issue that are now fixed - all to the confusion of later readers.

The Eastgate website’s main Tinderbox page also has a over view of changes - at least for .x releases (as opposed to .x.x release which are general tweaks/bug fixes)

If none of the sourceI describe above has the detail you need I would suggest contacting support and explain what extra info it is that you need.

HTH :grinning:

Edit: senior moment - cited ‘Recent Changes’ Help page when I meant ‘Release Notes’ . Fixed. FWIW, ‘Recent Changes’ is an agent in the Help’s source TBX that lists source notes changed in the last month and so help find articles that may have been corrected/extended/improved.

Sorry, I misread the purpose of this thread. I’ve forward to Support as you suggested.

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Thanks, works perfectly! And can be automated by dragging into a container with an appropriate OnAdd action, of course

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@mwra wrote:

in the app’s Help menu -> Tinderbox Help, main page link ‘Release Notes’ (and there link to ‘7.2.0’.

Here is what I see:

How to find the complete Release Notes of v7.2?

That’s not what I see:

I see the above on two different Macs here. So, perhaps the Help package (which is in the app) got a silent update close after release - I’d try downloading the app again.

The starter file is a very good idea Mark. I have been duplicating one single template file for my needs.

It might even be wise to pack this starter file with the TBX’s DMG iteself.

Thank you for the share.