Use Book Cover for $Fill and $Image

When you populate $ISBN you get the bookcover, if it is found. Is there a way to have TBX display the book cover image as a $Fill or $Hoverimage?

You can copy the book cover from Get Info: book to a graphics program like Acorn, and save the image in a known place. Or you can paste it at the start of the note’s text, to similar effect.

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There is no automated (in-app) method to get at the image. You can’t drag drop the image but if you click on on it a Cmd+C will copy the image. You can then paste (seemingly in-app only) as a map view image adornment or in other view it pastes as an untitled note with the image in $Text.

Testing further a copied book image also works with an image editor like GraphicConverter or pasting into TextEdit. But, Finder doesn’t show anything on the clipboard to paste:I guess that’s down to how the info is passed to it. The ClipboardViewer app (a free add-on XCode tool) shows a ‘public.tiff’ on the main clipboard, though the source (amazon) image file will be a PNG. Odd that Finder doesn’t recognise a TIFF, as it’s still a perfectly valid image format.

Not Tinderbox’s fault, but note that book covers auto-sourced this way are hit-and-miss as to accuracy. Shops/publishers are motivated what they have in stock, not info/artwork about the copy you own. Plus ISBN varies by media type (paper vs ebook) and locale. My experience is getting an image for a book is not too hard: getting a cover image of/data about the copy I own is much harder. I use automatic sources for first pass (Amazon, Google books, then go look for the correct data if needed).

It’s interesting to see how many publishers fail to list anything that isn’t on the current sales list. I makes referencing even quite recent books harder than needs be.

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