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Use Case - Managing meeting notes (parsing names & emails from text to attributes using .replace or runCommand)

I’ve developed the following use case and would love to share it with the community, as I think others may gain value from directing it. I learned as much, if not more from creating it, as I suspect others will learn from using it. If you have any questions, let me know.

At the 12/19/20 Tinderbox Meetup, I demonstrated a use-case that @rtalexander and I worked on last week.

Use Case - Parsing Names & Emails in $Text


I introduced this use case on 12/15/20 in the Tinderbox Forum under the thread “Create a semicolon-separated list into a set.

Use Case Author

  1. Michael Becker


A huge thanks to @rtalexander who took the time to teach me awk and grep to debug my regex. Here is an expression of gratitude to @mwra for his tireless pursuit to teach me the details of Tinderbox, his editorial eye, and his overall kindness. And, thanks to the Tinderbox community members for their help in spurring the dialog and nuance the solution.

  1. Mark Anderson, @mwra
  2. Mark Bernstein, @eastgate
  3. Paul Walters, @PaulWalters

Tags: Parsing;runCommand;Awk;Grep;Stamps

There is a lot in this use case, you can download the use-case and play with it, enjoy:

TBXUC - ParseNamesAndEmailsToSemiColonList.tbx (778.8 KB)

Updated: 12/21/20 @15:00, fixed typos, added complexity level notation, as well as a new approach, the $Text.replace approach, suggested by @PaulWalters. )