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Use of external images possible?

Can I somehow directly link to external images for html export? If so, how can I achieve this? The question came to my mind, because the inline images in the $Text are exported anyway… so the tbx could be kept cleaner. Just an idea :bulb:

If no one else does before, I’ll answer this when back from travel tomorrow. In the mean time look at how aTbRef does this as it uses no images in the TBX at all.

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The simplest method is to use standard HTML tags in your $Text

<img src="file:///Users/Me/Desktop/MyImage.jpg"/>

You can build on it from there. You can also reference the contents of a file attribute, for example. I would guess there are 10 or 20 different ways to do this, given Tinderbox’s flexibility.

  • Make sure you use straight quotes (not curly) in your text
  • The URL can be a file:// URL , or a web URL, etc.

There are methods to do this with Markdown images also – see recent posts in this forum, or the old forum, or aTbRef, etc.