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Using Alexa with Tinderbox

Here’s a simple way to collect short notes for Tinderbox using the Amazon Echo. Make sure you have the Shopping List and/or ToDo List skills activated. Using IFTT, enable the IFTT applets to have your Shopping List and/or your ToDo List emailed to you whenever you ask Alexa “what’s on my shopping list”, or “what’s on my todo list”. In a few minutes, you will get an email with your list in comma-delimited form.

Copy that into a note, and explode the note using “,” as a delimiter.

And then you’ll have a note for everything on the list. Of course, “Shopping List” and “ToDo List” could be lists of anything you want. And Alexa is fairly good at adding short phrases of about 15 words or less to the list. So these can be available capture arrays of short notes on any topic – and Alexa provides two such arrays. I have Echos all over the house and use Alexa as an on-demand external memory this way.

Have fun.

BTW, there’s also a ToDoIst integration available for Alexa so you could use that app on your iOS device for additional capture with this method.

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