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Using/Linking Two TB documents?

Hi Everyone. This question might have been answered before but, if so, I’m not finding what I need. I built a TB file for a risk assessment (RA) for the Straits of Mackinac (oil pipeline runs under it) to help me get my thoughts and notes organized for my group’s section (worst-case scenario ecosystem impacts). That project was completed and the RA has been published. Now my section has decided that we’d like to get a peer-reviewed publication out of the work we did. I’ve begun setting up a new TB file for my use in accomplishing this. I don’t want to build it in the RA TB file to avoid clutter; plus I’m trying some new things with the new file. However, some great notes and reference materials (quotes, date, etc.) are in the older TB file. Is there a way to, for example, link from the new TB file to a specific note in the older file, or something similar to that? Or should I just copy from the old and paste to the new?
Thanks in advance for any ideas about this.

Sure, notes can have URLs. Select a note and open the contextual menu – it’s at the bottom.

Don’t rename the file, though, without getting a new link and updating all locations that use the link.

Thank you Paul! I’ll give that a go. I think that somewhere in my brain I knew there were note URLs, but it didn’t all snap together for me.

You can also see and copy the URL if you add the $NoteURL system attribute to a note’s KAs.

That said, I’d be very tempted to start the publication project by taking the risk-assessment document, making a copy and renaming it, and then trimming everything I don’t expect to need.

This trim can be ruthless; if you trim too much, you can always look it up in the risk-assessment document.

(Very cool problem domain, too!)

Thanks a lot! Making a copy seems like a good insurance plan for what I’m doing.