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Using MultiMarkdown Version 6 as a preview and export engine?

I am using version Tinderbox 8.0.3, and I would like to use MultiMarkdown Version 6 as a preview and export engine for notes instead of the Gruber package that is bundled with Tinderbox. I believe all I have to do is change the path in $HTMLPreviewCommand. Yes? Has anyone else tried this?

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Yes, that ought to work!

@regan great question. Can you maybe post your solution on the forum? That would be awesome!

This has been covered previously.

  • Install the Fletcher Penney Mutlimarkdown package per his instructions.
  • The normal installation path is /usr/local/bin/multimarkdown or /usr/local/bin/mmd
  • Create your own prototype and set $HTMLPreviewCommand to '/usr/local/bin/multimarkdown' or '/usr/local/bin/mmd'
  • Note the single straight quotes
  • If your machine’s configuration is different, then you’ll need to locate the multimarkdown executable on your own.
  • By default, Tinderbox notes, and thus the built in Markdown prototype and any prototypes you might create have $HTMLMarkupText set to True. This is an error and will cause the preview to not work. Set $HTMLMarkupText to False.
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This will be corrected in Tinderbox 8.0.5 and later.

Thanks to all for sharing your insights.

I believe this change has not been implemented. Today I couldn’t get markdown preview to work in a new tbx file until I found this post. I will try not to forget this caveat again for the next time. In any case, I thought of letting you know, in case you want to implement the change.

Works for me…

What I meant was that the built-in Markdown prototype doesn’t come with the $HTMLMarkupText set to false. It comes with it set to true, so that the preview doesn’t work straight away. This is probably not important, if the user remembers to change it…

The preview should (and in my experience does) work directly in the current release*, because $HTMLMarkDown is true in the prototype.

*I’m working in a slightly newer version of Tinderbox, but I don’t believe this has changed since 7.0.6. The release notes for b383 say:

Markup: if $HTMLMarkdown is true, text is not marked up in HTML even if $HTMLMarkupText is also true.

The default Markdown prototype has $HTMLMarkdown set to false and $HTMLMarkupText set to true. This is in a fresh new file created with Tinderbox 8.06 (b384).

Quite right: this was, in fact, the very first change in the development of 8.0.7 . So it’ll be fixed in the next update.

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