Tinderbox Forum

Using Tags for your Forum Topics

You might have noticed that this forum, like other Discourse forums, supports tagging your forum postings. The tags appear next to the post’s category in the “Latest” view,

and there is a tag browser tool


Tags can be added to a posting when it is created

or by clicking the pencil next to the forum topic

Tags cannot be added to individual replies in a thread.

If you add tags, please use an existing tag if possible, or add a tag that is descriptive of the topic, like “tips” or “maps”. The tags are intended to help readers navigate to relevant topics to answer their questions or interests.

There are very few threads with tags at this time – feel free to add tags to your threads as you use the forum or to tag existing threads if your feel the tagging will be helpful.

Here’s a longish post from the proprietors of Discourse explaining more.