V.9.6 and the email attribute

I am finding so many productive uses of the new Email attribute(s) in Tinderbox v.9.6!

For example, I can create a Note with the email attributes, and then use that as a container to hold child notes with the contents of my email; then work on refining those child notes and when done, using a stamp with this simple action code


to bring it all together into a Note that triggers the email.

I also am building prototype Notes with email address sets for common groups of addressees.

The result is that I’m staying in Tinderbox throughout my workday to get more and more tasks done in one app.

Kudos for this great feature!


Some might benefit a tons more with a small video … just saying …for a friend. :laughing:

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So happens I touched on this in my June Patreon season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0mvh9xZxro.

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